Welcome to Gala Tree Inc!

Gala Tree is committed to providing quality tree care, safe hazardous tree removal along with changing the conversation in the tree service industry. We are a philanthropic and financially successful company with a mission of helping others. A portion of the company proceeds go towards supporting reforestation efforts and feeding children locally, nationally and around the planet. We are a company that cares on a larger level. This is more than just a “job” or “work”. We here at GTI have big goals for ourselves!

One of our BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAG) is to help plant 1 billion trees around the world. We are just getting started on this goal and with the help of our distinguished patrons and fellow tree enthusiasts, we know that we can make this happen. To help us along out way we have started an amazing new program.

The program is simple: For every 1 tree we are hired to cut down, we will plant 2 in its place AND for every tree that we are hired to prune we will plant 1 additional tree. Patrons will also be awarded certificates indicating exactly how many trees their patronage has helped to plant.

We also encourage you to keep track of our progress on a monthly basis, here on our website as we will be posting monthly updates to our “Trees Planted Around The World” efforts. You can also check with the first of our partners One Tree to see progress. As Gala Tree Inc. grows we will be adding additional partners to help with reforestation efforts on every continent!

Every journey should be started the way you mean to go on. For us that means that every day we are working we are out there making a difference on both a local and global level.

We look forward to working with each of you and making a difference together! Remove. Replant. Replenish.